Novomatic FV 880

Novomatic first made its mark in 1980, and since then, it has created its name as one of the leading slot machine providers in the online casino industry. Novomatic has consistently delivered physical slot machines over the years. Novomatic has unleashed various games through its slot machines, which are available on online platforms also. This Austrian-based company, with over forty years of experience in the casino market, has released a massive number of exceptional slot machines supplying over 350 different titles to play. Out of all their remarkable slot machines, one machine that has caught the attention of over thousands of casinos all over the world is the Novomatic FV 880.

Bring The Best To The Gaming Floor

The Novomatic FV 880 extracts the best performance from what you can expect from a slot machine. The Novomatic FV 880 brings along a 27-inch HD LED screen with the ‘FlipScreen’ feature making the gameplay even more engaging. The bottom screen on this slot machine is touch equipped so that the gaming becomes easy to operate. The design of this machine is something that makes it stand out among the other slot machines. With LED illuminated details, the Novomatic FV 880 looks nothing less than a stunning slot machine. The Novomatic FV 880 also comprises an extra start button built into the footrest so that your gaming persists while the slot machine provides you with comfort. 

The VIP member of the family

After the massive success of the Novomatic FV 880 SL model, The Austrian company introduced the Novomatic FV 880 NOVOSTAR VIP model. The VIP model comprises an impressive upgrade with a 50-inch TFT screen rather than the original 27-inch. The screen is placed at a perfect ergonomic distance with the ‘FlipScreen’ feature on the VIP cabinet so that your gaming experience remains smooth. The Novomatic FV 880 NOVOSTAR VIP comprises a unique VIP chair with an integrated sound system with a start button at the armrest giving you a compelling gaming experience.

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